Welcome to Tiny Cake Bears!


Hi, I’m Suzi! My husband and I are newlyweds living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The name “Tiny Cake Bears” comes from the adorable mahogany cake toppers that my husband carved by hand for our wedding in May 2015. We met our first week of freshman year at UC Berkeley (hence the Cal “bears”) in Anthropology 1 class.

Seriously, he is a super talented wood-worker. Just look at this glorious mahogany star he made for our Christmas tree!


I know. Glorious, right? And down in the lower left corner – that’s a Cooper cameo – we’ll get to him in a second.


I enjoy cooking, running (13.1 x 3 // PR 01:52), reading, and exploring our foggy home with my husband and our dog, Cooper. Life is an adventure and this blog is a window into my experience as we navigate the world and find our place in it.

Oh yeah, Cooper! He is our golden retriever/lab mix. He really, really, really likes loves digging holes in the sand at the beach. And looks quite fancy in a bow tie.


Exhibit A: Fancy.

Also, if you have a dog with any labrador mixed in, and non-carpet floors, you’re going to want to get a Roomba. Mhmm. Yep.